What is the Best Temperature for Sleeping?

What is the Best Temperature for Sleeping?

We all want to be comfortable when we go to bed, but what is a comfortable temperature when were are in bed may not be the same as when we are not in bed. Plus, is there an ideal temperature that is more conducive for sleeping?

If someone is suffering from insomnia could the solution be as simple as changing the setting on the thermostat in their home or apartment?

Luckily research has been done on this subject. So the ideal sleeping temperature of your bedroom doesn’t need to be a mystery any longer.

Most of us believe that our body temperature stays constant throughout each day. However, that is not true.

Our body temperature will actually rise and fall naturally a little bit throughout the course of each day. As it relates to the typical person’s sleep cycle, our body temperature goes down naturally as we become drowsy and reaches the lowest levels around 5:00 am. At that point, our temperature begins to rise as morning approaches.

So what does this mean?

First of all, if the temperature is too warm in your bedroom it might make it hard for your body’s temperature to decrease. That could make it harder for you to fall or stay asleep and might make you feel restless as you are lying in bed. In fact, research has been done that indicates that the cause of some people’s insomnia is too warm of a temperature in their sleeping environment.

That being said, even though your body temperature drops at night if it is too cold in your bedroom your body will have a hard time maintaining this lower temperature, which can cause you to have a more restless night sleep as well.

The key is to find a temperature that is neither too cold nor too warm. Unfortunately, there is not just one best temperature for sleeping. It can vary from person to person. Depending on which expert you listen to ideal sleeping temperatures can vary from 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

So you might want to start setting the thermostat at 65 degrees and see how that goes. You can adjust the temperature up or down depending on how restful your night’s sleep was.

Other Considerations

For some people going to sleep in a cooler room might mean that they have cold feet. if that happens to you it doesn’t necessarily mean that the temperature in the room is too cold. Wearing a pair of socks can be the perfect solution for some people. The socks will help keep your toes toasty without making your body temp too warm.

Families who have infants or small children might want/need to have the temperature a few degrees warmer (maybe in the 65 to 70-degree range), making sure that the bed or crib is away from breezy windows or fans.

Programmable Thermostats

One way to be sure the temperature is at a comfortable setting every night is to use a programmable thermostat. With a programmable thermostat, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to change the temperature setting every night when you go to bed. Plus, using a programmable thermostat is a great way to save money.

If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat you can buy an entry-level model for less than $30. If you are willing to spend more you can get one with more bells and whistles. You can even find models that will connect to your WiFi and allow you to control them from wherever you are using your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You can see some of the affordable programmable thermostat models here.

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When buying a programmable thermostat for heat pump systems remember that not all programmable thermostats are compatible with heat pumps. So you need to make sure to check the features/details to ensure that the model you want will work with your heating and cooling system.

Hopefully, with a little trial and error, you can find the perfect sleeping temperature for everyone in your family to get a good night’s sleep.

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